• Contractor is liable to perform transport in accordance with the Terms and conditions of this transport order and the CMR convention, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Careful loading, unloading and appropriate manipulation with the goods as well as proper transportation of them.
  • Your vehicles should be suitable for transporting goods in local and international transport.
  • Mandatory use of a lockable vehicle.
  • Parking the vehicle only on secured parking area.
  • The time for loading is 6 hours and for export customs clearance is 24 hours.
  • The time for import customs clearance is 48 hours and  12 hours unloading time, Without charge.
  • The driver controls the quantity and condition of the goods being loaded and / or unloaded and compares his finding with the transport documents, and in case of disagreement he make a note in box 18 of the CMR in case when the sender or the consignee is not able to do.
  • The driver is responsible to transmit all documents that he obtained to the competent authorities and receiver in MK or abroad.
  • The vehicle must be covered with valid CMR insurance with amount of the value of the goods being transported.
  • The valid CMR insurance should be send to us before loading in electronic format.
  • Subcontracting another carrier is not allowed if it is not in agreed with LDI GROUP.MK DOOEL SKOPJE and in case of non-compliance of the agreement you will lose the right on the agreed amount for transport.
  • Delay of loading or unloading, traffic accidents and defects of any kinds should be reported to us as soon as possible in oral and written form.
  • By receiving this transport order you unconditionally accept our “Terms and Transport Conditions”
  • It is mandatory to provide us by electronic format copy of the signed and stamped CMR within one (1) hour after delivery, as well as to provide us with originals of all the documents related to the organized transport as soon as possible.
  • There will be no bank payment for transport until signed and stamped CMR is not sent to us.
  • The total lack of delivery of POD and invoice will result with non payment.
  • If the load is not taken for reasons beyond the contractor control all claims may be considered only in the case of presentation of documents with stamps and company`s signature from the place of loading confirming the driveway of the vehicle to the place of loading. The maximum acceptable amount for the vehicle driveway is 50 euros.
  • The carrier must adhere and comply with traffic safety rules.
  • The driver is responsible for the axle transmission and the correct arrangement of the vehicle’s load.
  • The driver must strictly take care that documents,EX / T1, T5, TC11 will be closed at the EU exit.
  • The carrier is obliged to adhere to the deadlines for loading, transit, unloading and delivery of the goods. Non-compliance, entails penalties of at least 10% of the agreed transport cost for each day of delay.
  • By accepting this purchase order, the carrier accepts all the conditions stated therein.
  • Direct contact with our business partner is not allowed. In case you have made direct contact with clients of LDI GROUP.MK DOOEL Skopje and without our knowledge and/or permission, we reserve the right to cancel the transport without compensation of the costs, and to initiate an appropriate procedure for resolving the dispute.
  • FORCE MAJEURE; Every reasonable effort will be made to complete the carriage in the manner contemplated by the agreement, but the performance of it is subject to variation or cancellation owing to an act of God, outbreak of hostilities (whether or not accompanied by any formal declaration of war), riot, civil disturbance or acts of terrorism, strikes, lock outs, fire, flood, drought or any cause beyond carrier control or affects carrier ability to carry out the carriage.
  • Any changes to the terms of the transport order must be made in writing
  • In the event of a dispute, the two parties may settle the dispute amicably, otherwise the competent court is the Basic Court – Skopje.
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